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FTTX Network Automatic 16mm Fiber Optic Cleaver

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Yogel
Certification ISO9000 ,ROHS,CE
Model Number FCL-3S
Minimum Order Quantity 1Piece
Price Negotiation
Packaging Details 1pcs + bag +carton
Delivery Time 3-7 work days
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability 1000 PCS Per Month
Product Details
Product Name Fiber Optic Cleaver Application FTTH FTTX Network
Cleave Angle ≤0.7° Coating Diameter 0.25&0.9mm
Blade Life 3600 Times Dimensions 63mm (W) × 76mm (D) × 63mm (H)
Weight About 320g Cutting The Fiber Length 10 ~ 16mm (φ0.25) 10 ~ 16 (φ0.9)
High Light

FTTX Network Fiber Optic Cleaver


16mm Fiber Optic Cleaver


FTTX 16mm optical fiber cutter

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Product Description

FTTX Network Communication Optical Fiber Tool FCL-3S Automatic Optical Fiber Cutter Cleaver


A cleave in an optical fiber is a deliberate, controlled break, intended to create a perfectly flat endface, perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the fiber.
A good cleave is required for a successful low loss splice of an optical fiber, often it is the case that fibers spliced by identical methods tend to have different losses, this difference can often be attributed to the quality of their initial cleaves.


Instructions fiber cleaver:

1 Use Please read these instructions carefully before;

2 cleaver knife is precision machinery, can not withstand strong impact, so as not

to affect the cutter performance

3 Optical fiber and optical fiber debris is very slim, and the tip of a sharp, use

strictly prevent fiber debris from entering the skin, eyes, optical fiber debris with

special container collection

4 Do not directly touch the blade, maintenance, do not touch the blade;

5 Do not split the cutter or to its oil needs repair, please contact the

manufacturers service department



Basic Specifications


Adapt to optical fiber

Single-core silica optical fiber

To adapt optical fibercoatingdiameter

φ0.25 & φ0.9

Adapt to the bare fiber diameter


Cutting the fiber length

10 ~ 16mm (φ0.25) 10 ~ 16 (φ0.9)


63mm (W) × 76mm (D) × 63mm (H)


About 320g

Cutting angle adaptation value

≤ 0.7 °

Edge life

3600 times




FTTX Network Automatic 16mm Fiber Optic Cleaver 0FTTX Network Automatic 16mm Fiber Optic Cleaver 1


3,Operating Method

1, large platen opening and closing lever lift open large platen fixture cover the blade slider pushed to the front side of device, waste fiber recycling the superstructure will automatically open;


2, with the stripped fiber clamp stripped fiber coating reserved for bare fiber length 35-45mm, moistened with alcohol cotton wool or tissue paper wrap optical fiber, fiber clean. Wiping with cotton wool or tissue, do not use the same cotton wool or tissue paper to rub the second (Note: Please purity greater than 99% alcohol);


3, visual to the edge of the fiber coating layer is aligned with the cutter on theruler (10-16cm) appropriate scale, left the optical fiber into the fiber guide grooves require a bare fiber placed straight on the optical fiber pressure pad to determine the end of the fiber can be touched recycler the rollers;


4 Close the fixture cover platen, to promote the device blade slider, the blade dicing the lower surface of the optical fiber, and is free to slide to the other side, cut off the fiber;


5, left hand held onto the cutter right hand to open the large platen waste fiber will automatically be placed in the waste fiber collection box,;


6, With the left hand and hold the optical fiber while his right hand to open the fixture cover, carefully remove the fiber cut end face: the neat fiber cross-section not to touch and it is matter

FTTX Network Automatic 16mm Fiber Optic Cleaver 2


7, Troubleshooting, cutting bad reasons may be:

1), fiber is not straight on the fiber-optic pressure pad;
2), the blade height is too high;
3), blade, sanding pad dust and other foreign matter



1, the day-to-day cleaning, often with moistened with alcohol cotton swab to clean optical fiber pressure pad up and down the rubber surface and the edge portion of the blade, cut ineffective shall promptly clean fiber fixture trench also need to be cleaned;waste fiber collection box is full, the pinch after the first down, and then outward can remove fiber debris poured into special containers for collection;

2 blade mouth of the adjustment method, multiple cutting blade occurs consumption will appear continuously cut, cutting the surface defects of the phenomenon, the need to adjust the position of the blade mouth:

FTTX Network Automatic 16mm Fiber Optic Cleaver 3



A, (without removing) the blade locking screw wrench to loosen;B, with a cotton swab withstood blade, rotary blade, the blade is screwed to the next new edge;
C, with a wrench and tighten the blade locking screw must be sure they are tight;
D, try cutting 1,2 times fiber, fiber cut end surface, such as the end face of adverse welding machine screen viewing , adjust the blade height


Do not adjust the position of the mouth of the blade with bare hands to turn the blade, so as not to cause harm; Do not rotating tweezers and other metal blade, so as not to damage the blade

3,the blade height adjustment
A, Push the slider to the position of the cutting is complete, loosen the height locking screws
B,need to be height adjustment screw screw a little toward the desired direction and re-locking height locking screw clockwise to increase and counterclockwise for lowering.

FTTX Network Automatic 16mm Fiber Optic Cleaver 4


4, prone to problems and adjustment method

A,fiber cut constantly bump phenomenon,a beveled
This problem occurs when the cutter fully adjusted by the above method may be too low, causing the blade, adjust the blade height above.
B,, cracks optical fiber, optical fiber end face shadow, fiber angle;May be the blade is too high , lower the blade height above
C,low,high blade bevel large blade;

This is mainly caused by the fiber end face cracks observed near the fiber end face shadow and may occasionally cracks the surface is not aligned microscope direction.

5, the cycle of the blade use
The blade as the circle of the rule from the theory on the circle arbitrary point Jieneng cutting more than 1,000 times,,1-16 of the region between the cutting operation can also select the number of points
The position of the blade 1-16 All After use, referring to adjust the blade height,the blade height is adjusted to a position of a higher number from 1-16, there may be repeated using a loop

6,the replacement of the blade
A, with a wrench to loosen the blade locking screw and remove the locking screws and gaskets
B , open large platen , the tweezers carefully grip the blade on both sides , gently lift the blade removed, put away;
C clamp the clamp new blade , flat blade , slightly higher than the position of the blade shaft into them, falling into the shaft of the blade hole up against the blade with a cotton swab, rotate the blade so that the blade rotates to 1:00;D, blade gasket on the corresponding position on the blade, screw on and tighten the locking screw.

Use tweezers, forceps do not touch the blade, so as not to affect the cutting performance.